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March 25 to 27/2024
Time: 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

"Opening new opportunities for you business is our business"

In its eighth edition, the São Paulo International Wine Trade Fair consolidates itself as the main fair for the wine and spirits production chain in Latin America. Meeting point for companies and professionals in the adult beverage sector. It positions itself as a 100% B2B event. If your company buys or sells products related to the wine and/or spirits sector, SPWTF is a mandatory stop.

We are focused on creating an environment for achieving results, not just networking or knowledge exchange, but mainly commercial opportunities. Today, time is money. Therefore, we are using our 40 years of experience in organizing the most varied types and formats of events and applying it to achieve success at this fair. Providing our exhibitors and visitors with results in the hours invested. SPWTF grows every year and has been breaking records in terms of visitation, number of exhibitors and especially the number of sales made on site.

But without losing focus on sales, let's put on the agenda a subject that we can't help but talk about: DIVERSITY in this sector, not just among people, but mainly in the world of wine and cachaça. Like the different regions, types and styles of wines, such as table, organic and natural, which impact the market and the consumer. There will be round tables, lectures and master classes in spaces dedicated to experiences so that visitors and exhibitors can discuss and review concepts and prejudices.

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Who Exhibits

Wine producers;


Accessories for wine service;

Equipment for viticulture in agribusiness;

Equipment for  winemaking;

Equipment for bars, restaurants and hotels;


Sector Entities;

Produtores de insumos;

Packaging and label manufacturers;

Winemaking Schools;


Who visits

Food and beverage buyers;





Bar and restaurant owners;





Owners  of small and medium-sized establishments;

Entrepreneurs in the Hospitality sector;

Sales representatives;

Entrepreneurs in the beverage sector;

Independent wine professionals;

Specialized press;


About São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest metropolis in Latin America, with 22,429,800 inhabitants in 2022 (ArchDaily) in its metropolitan region, one of the ten most populous areas in the world.
Its population is greater than that of several countries, such as Chile (17,248,450), the Netherlands (17,100,475) and Portugal (10,487,289), in addition to being more populous than Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay combined.
The Metropolitan Region of São Paulo is the largest hub of national wealth. The metropolis centralizes the command of large private capital, concentrating the majority of Brazilian headquarters of the most important industrial, commercial and mainly financial complexes, which control the country's economic activities.

The State of São Paulo, with its 38.7 million adults, is the largest wine market in Brazil, accounting for 32.1% of wine consumption in the country and with a per capita consumption of around 3 liters per year ( MindMiners/Wine). In the city of São Paulo, residents drink wine on average 7.1 times a month, the highest frequency in national terms (Ideal Consultoria).
In 2021, Brazil reached 14th position in the ranking of the most attractive wine markets in the world, after rising 12 positions, according to the consultancy Wine Intelligence.

The growth in consumption in the country is accompanied by an increase in the number of drink lovers. In the last 12 years, the population of regular wine consumers has doubled, from 22 million in 2010 to 44 million in 2022, according to data from Wine Intelligence. And from 2016 to 2021, more than 20.2 million liters were consumed in the country — this value is expected to double by 2026, according to data from Euromonitor International, a market research provider.

According to data from Wine Intelligence, 70% of Brazilians say they are open to trying new types and styles of wine. This number is much higher than that of other more mature markets, such as the United States (51%) and England (43%), or even neighbors, such as Colombia (52%).

In relation to the consumption of spirits, São Paulo is also an important consumer hub, mainly for products with higher added value, such as aged cachaças, whiskey, gin, vodka, liqueurs and elaborate drinks. The State of SP is also one of the leaders in the production of distillates in the country, both industrial and artisanal.
Caipirinha, the most traditional Brazilian drink, originates in the interior of São Paulo, whose inhabitants are affectionately called “caipiras”.

São paulo


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