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Eduardo Viotti

Specialized journalist, international Wine and Spirits judge, founding partner of Revista Vinho Magazine and the São Paulo Wine Trade Fair and Cachaça Trade Fair

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Erick Zurita

Tourism professional, specialist in Cachaça Technology, and master's degree in Agroecology and Rural Development. With over 20 years of experience in the cachaça production segment, he has been contributing to the production of Cachaça Fuzuê, the only organic cachaça in the state of São Paulo, for about 15 years. Approximately 10 years ago, he opened a restaurant on the premises of Alambique Fuzuê, welcoming visitors on weekends. Currently, he works at the Tourism Department of the City of Rio Claro (SP), where his work, among other projects, is focused on the development of rural tourism in the municipality.

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Baudouin Havaux

Belgian businessman Baudouin Havaux, 62, is president of Vinopres, the company that organizes the Brussels World Competition, one of the largest and most respected drinks competitions in the world, with around 15,000 wine samples tasted annually. The drinks competitions it organizes include the Spirits Selection, the Brussels Beer Challenge, among many others. He is also a journalist and edits the magazines “DM Vino!” and “Essentielle Vino!”, specializing in wines and adult beverages.

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Dr. Cauré Portugal

Biologist from the "Júlio de Mesquita Filho" São Paulo State University, with a solid academic background. With international training, he completed his Master's and PhD in Enology at the University of La Rioja, Spain, focusing on enological microbiology and biotechnology. His career also includes a Post-doctorate at the "Luiz de Queiroz" College of Agriculture - USP, where he focused on the microbiology of cachaça fermentation and biotechnology. Currently, as Executive and Scientific Director of Smart Yeast Research and Development, he plays a significant role as a technical consultant in distilleries, offering his expertise in process optimization and regulation.

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Prof Celso dos Santos Silva

Post-Doctorate and Ph. D in the USA in Education and Administration, Director of Training and New Business at the Federation of Hotels, Restaurants and Bars of the State of SP, Interim Vice-President of the Association of Gastronomic Restaurateurs of the Americas and the World - Aregala

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Hélcio Honda

Founding Partner of Honda, Teixeira, Rocha Advogados. State Counselor of OAB/SP, 2022-2024 term.

Graduated in Law from PUC-SP. University extension course in "Current Tax Law" - USP.

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Alessandro Colombara

Italian naturalized Brazilian, with a background in government institutions for commercial exchange between Italy and Brazil, has been a partner-director of the importer Realwines Ltda for eight years, specializing in Italian wines.

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Adeliano Cargnin

General Manager of Embrapa Grape and Wine (Bento Gonçalves, RS).



Director of Fecovinho, a producer specialized in organic wines in the Serra Gaucha region.

Thiago Gonçalves.jpg

Thiago Gonçalves

Specialist in high-complexity and long-cycle businesses, maximizing Product Mix and Average Ticket indicators in any business!

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Ciro Verde

Enologist and owner of the Italian winery "Il Quarto Miglio srl". Passionate about volcanic wines from Campi Flegrei and the city of Naples, he has been working diligently for years to valorize the ancient autochthonous vines of the Campania region.

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Elisangela Marques

Agricultural Engineer, Dr. in Food Technology/Unicamp, Researcher at APTA – São Paulo Agency for Agribusiness Technology, an organization belonging to the Department of Agriculture and Supply of the State of São Paulo.

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